The SNES MBA program is structured such that the student needs to do two projects, one minor and the other major, during the two years of study. The first year is more generic in nature during which the introductory MBA courses are taught. At the end of the first year, the choice of specialization should become clear. In the second year, the students must choose from a variety of specialization choices. There are five main specializations that are offered by SNES: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, International Business and Systems.

We strongly suggest that specializations are chosen very carefully based on the student’s passion, choice and capability.

Specialisation Areas

Students can choose courses from specialization areas such as:



Human Resource Management

International Business


However, the courses offered for specialization in each semester will be decided by the University and the same will be duly communicated to the students. A minimum of 10 students should opt for a particular specialisation for it to be available, as per the existing norms.

Admissions open for 2023-25 batch